Bonnie & Clyde Dinner Series RSVP

The 85th Anniversary of The Ambush of Bonnie & Clyde 5/23 - We have just opened up 8 more seats!!!

Bonnie & Clyde Themed Dinners are $110/person and attire will be 1930's with a themed Southern Menu about the chase of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow!! We will be explaining each dish and the stories behind the food for every course!   Here are the dates 4/25 (SOLD OUT) , 5/11 (SOLD OUT), 5/16 (SOLD OUT), and 5/23 (SOLD OUT). Please RSVP to with the date you would like to attend and how many seats. All dinners will be in the Dallas Area 7pm - 10pm

5/23 - Bonnie's Elementary School with Blue Fire Catering

(exact address sent to RSVPs)

7pm arrival w/ complimentary

HollePop snacks, Lakewood Brewing Company Lager, and Treaty Oak Bourbon

7:45pm  - 7 course tasting menu by Chef DAT

1930's attire not required....

"but sounds really damn cool"


"Birth of Rowena and Telico"

Celebration of Chili Peppers | Wild Venison | 

Ember Roasted Onion | Blue Corn Crisp | Indian Paintbrush

"Stolen Birds"

 Cajun Roasted Chicken and Turkey | Cave Aged Blue Cheese | Peppercorn Relish | Dukkah Crumble  

"Cement City"

Pickled Shrimp | Sauce Bienville | Cuban Cigar Smoked Brie | Profound Micro Salad

"Oklahoma and Louisiana, and 

Missouri Farmland"

Spur Ranch Antelope | Joplin Jam | 

Cured Ruston Peach | Green Tomato Ceviche

"Small Town BBQ"

Fermented Habanero Mole |

Peggy Sue's Burnt Ends |  Salvadorian Crema | 

Waste Not Pickled Roots  & Stems

"The Eastham Breakout"

Duroc Pork Loin | 

East Texas Grits | Rye Bark

Ramp Huitlacoche Broth | Halloumi Brulee

Death by Dessert

Inspirations of Hot Chocolate by Chef Jill Bates (formally of The Mansion and Fearing's) 

$110/person includes TX sales tax, gratuity is appreciated 

Please BYOB or buy wines paired by Mr AJ McClellan -


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